LESSONS TAKES PLACE IN THE NEDELANDS (Almere), RUSSIA (St.Petersburg) and also ON SKYPE! Other locations are possible.


I teach my students not only what they should do to sing or play better, but also "HOW?" and why?" You are not only getting the FEELING that you can play or sing, but you LEARN it too! With the right technique you can do much more than you think!


If you want, you get the opportunity to gain stage experience. I organize for my students an evening group recital at least 2 times per year.Also my students get the chance to sing in an ensemble or a choir for my opera projects. so that together we can make something beautiful! 
All styles are possible and all ages are welcome.

Music makes you happy!


Voice training for CHOIRS and ENSEMBLES 
€ 95 per hour ex VAT and travel expenses.

A trial lesson lasts one hour and costs € 40.


Classes are in blocks of 5, 10, 20 or 40 individual lessons.
Choice between lessons of 45 minutes or 1 hour. 


Lesson 45 min: 
each block of 5 lessons: € 220 ex. VAT. 
Per block of 10 lessons: € 400 ex. VAT.
 Per block of 20 lessons: € 715 ex. VAT. 
Per block of 40 lessons: € 1.350 ex. VAT


Lesson 60 min:
each block of 5 lessons: € 270 ex. VAT, 
each block of 10 lessons: € 485 ex. VAT. 
Per block of 20 lessons: € 895 ex. VAT 
Per block of 40 lessons: € 1.650 ex VAT


Attention! For people who want to take lessons twice a week (or more), people who come with family  I have 5% discount !
(Up to 21 tax-free)

Group lessons are also possible!

Location: Almere-Stad



  1. A trial lesson costs 40 euros and must be paid in cash. A lesson lasts one hour and is without obligation. After consultation, further arrangements are made.
  2. An individual lesson which is canceled on the day of the lesson will be charged. One lesson canceled 24 hours in advance, will be rescheduled / postponed.
  3. Prices are exclusive of 21% VAT (for students over 21 years), including copies but excluding books. Students Concerts are on behalf of Elnara Muermans.
  4. Termination can only been done after completing a serie. After the trial class the choices are a short serie (5 lessons), long range (10 lessons) or a year (20 or 40 lessons). Prematurely termination is not possible. Unused lessons are not refundable.
  5. Invoices must be paid before the first lesson or within 7 days after the first lesson.
  6. Paying on time prevents additional costs. For a 2nd (and next) reminder there will be € 15 administration fee.


For further questions please call me or send an email:
tel: 06-21105449